The Northeast Business Park (NEBP) is a 769 ha multi-use business park in the Moreton Bay local government area that will integrate industry, commercial, marine development, residential, heritage and recreational greenspace precincts. The development will include:

  • 169 ha mixed industry/business area
  • Residential housing areas
  • Approximately 420 ha of open space
  • A 911-berth marina with village community facilities

JWA Pty Ltd have been the ecological consultants on the project since 2016. Our involvement with the project has included assisted our client in securing the very first Environmental Offset Protection Area (EOPA) under section 30 of the QLD Environmental Offsets Act 2014, which also formed part of the first marine plant advanced offset to be registered in the State. We have prepared Land Based Environmental Management Plans (LBEMPs) for each development stage as required under the project EPBC Act approval. We have also completed Significant Residual Impact Assessment as required by the QLD Environmental Offsets Act 2014 and developed Offset Delivery Plans for impacts on marine plants.



JWA Pty Ltd has been involved with many projects of varying complexity and scale since 1997. We have experience in the assessment of ecological impacts resulting from a wide range of development types including: residential, commercial and industrial developments, mineral extraction, tourist development, infrastructure, and agricultural/horticultural operations. A selection of our projects are presented below.