Cobaki Estate is a 5,500 dwelling master planned community located on the New South Wales and Queensland border approximately 1.5 kilometres west of the Gold Coast Airport.

JWA Pty Ltd have been the ecological consultants on the project since its inception in 1997. Our involvement with the project has included assisting our client to gain Concept Approval in 2010, Major Project Approval and Commonwealth Approval under the EPBC Act in 2011. During the approval process JWA have completed numerous flora, fauna and vegetation surveys and prepared a Site Regeneration and Revegetation Plan and separate Offset Strategy to ensure compliance with consent conditions.

We also assisted the client in identifying:

  • Approximately 4 ha of offsets for Lowland rainforest Endangered Ecological Community (EEC)
  • Approximately 8 ha of offsets for Lowland rainforest on floodplain EEC
  • Approximately 2 ha of offsets for Freshwater wetland EEC
  • Approximately 25 ha of combined offsets for Swamp sheoak floodplain forest EEC and Saltmarsh EEC
  • Approximately 6 ha of Swamp sclerophyll forest on floodplain EEC

In addition, we assisted the landowner to find and secure additional off-site offsets subject to Voluntary Planning Agreements.



JWA Pty Ltd has been involved with many projects of varying complexity and scale since 1997. We have experience in the assessment of ecological impacts resulting from a wide range of development types including: residential, commercial and industrial developments, mineral extraction, tourist development, infrastructure, and agricultural/horticultural operations. A selection of our projects are presented below.