Environmental Management Plans

JWA can provide our clients with a suite of Environmental Management Plans to protect the flora, fauna, vegetation and overall biodiversity values of a site, and to comply with relevant legislation and approval conditions. We have experience preparing a variety of management plans/strategies including:

  • Vegetation Management Plans – management of vegetation during the construction and operational phases of development
  • Fauna Management Plans – management of native fauna species during the construction and operational phases of development
  • Site Rehabilitation Plans - rehabilitation and restoration of conserved native vegetation
  • Habitat Restoration Plans - restoration of native vegetation and fauna habitat
  • Threatened Species Management Plans - restoration of significant ecosystems, management of threatened flora and fauna species
  • Species-specific Management Plans (e.g. Koala Plan of Management)
  • Weed Management Plans - control of weeds
  • Feral Animal Management Plans - control of feral animals
  • Offset Management and/or Delivery Plans
  • Covenant Management Plans
  • Conservation Area Management Plans
  • Wetland Management Plans

We can provide advice for both the construction and operational phases of the project and develop monitoring and reporting strategies to ensure the overall objectives are reached and compliance with consent conditions is achieved. We can also provide a team of experts to implement our Environmental Management plans or those developed by others.