Flora, Fauna & Biodiversity Surveys

JWA Pty Ltd has extensive experience in the completion of flora and fauna surveys in a wide range of vegetation types and ecosystems. We use the latest flora and fauna survey techniques in accordance with current survey guidelines to ensure compliance with all relevant Commonwealth, State and local government standards. Our services include:

  • Vegetation community assessment and mapping
  • Fauna habitat and fauna pre-clearance surveys
  • Threatened species surveys and habitat assessment
  • Ecological due diligence assessment
  • Ecological constraints assessment
  • Regional ecosystem mapping
  • Endangered ecological community assessment and mapping
  • Bio-condition assessments
  • Protected plant surveys (protected plants flora survey trigger map)
  • Ground-truthing state and local government mapping
  • Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM) assessments (accredited BAM assessors)

We maintain all applicable fauna survey and ethics approvals/licences including:

  • QLD Scientific User Registration (SUR000101)
  • QLD Scientific Purposes Permit (SPP WA0016077)
  • QLD Animal Ethics Committee Approval (CA 2018/08/1218)
  • QLD Rehabilitation Permit (Spotter Catcher) (WA0015377)
  • NSW Scientific Licence (SL102258)
  • NSW Ethics Animal Research Accreditation