Minnippi is a master planned residential community in the Brisbane suburb of Cannon Hill. The development includes three residential stages comprising of 117 lots (113 house lots and four medium density lots), as well as over 90 hectares of open space, parkland, a future golf course and retained habitat.

JWA Pty Ltd have been the ecological consultants on the project since its inception in 1998. Uniquely, the site provides habitat for a suburban resident Squirrel glider population. Our involvement with the project has included the preparation of Habitat Management Plans for each stage of the development to ensure this suburban glider population continues to persist. We have also prepared Consolidated Rehabilitation Plans to ensure protection and enhancement of Open Space areas of the site.

Throughout the project JWA has assisted in the development of various amelioration measures for the Squirrel gliders on the site including enhancement of movement/dispersal opportunities through design and implementation of glide poles, and the installation and monitoring of nest boxes.

The Minnippi development received an Environmental Excellence award at the 2018 Queensland Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards.



JWA Pty Ltd has been involved with many projects of varying complexity and scale since 1997. We have experience in the assessment of ecological impacts resulting from a wide range of development types including: residential, commercial and industrial developments, mineral extraction, tourist development, infrastructure, and agricultural/horticultural operations. A selection of our projects are presented below.