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JWA Pty Ltd has been involved with many projects of varying complexity, completing over 1000 in South East QLD and on the NSW North Coast, since 1997. We have experience in the assessment of impacts on flora and fauna resulting from a wide range of development types including: residential developments, mineral extraction, tourist development, environmental facilities, roads, power lines and infrastructure, and agricultural and horticultural operations.

Some of our completed and current projects are presented below:

Mining and Infrastructure

James Warren has prepared a number of Mining Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Plans (MREMP’s) for gold mines and sand mines in New South Wales. James implemented various monitoring and reporting programs at the Woodburn Mineral Sands mine at Newrybar near Lennox Head. James also completed a number of Annual Monitoring Reports for gold mines in Parkes and Blayney (near Orange).


The Kingscliff Resort is an eco-tourism development proposed by Leighton Properties on the environmentally sensitive coastal Crown land known as Lot 490, Kingscliff, Northern NSW. The resort site is located between Cudgen Creek and SEPP 14 Wetlands, and Bogangar Beach. JWA completed an initial Ecological Constraints Assessment and then a more detailed Flora and Fauna Assessment.  We subsequently developed a Vegetation Management Plan outlining management strategies for the retained vegetation and the rehabilitation of the adjacent riparian and dune areas.

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, adjacent to Numinbah Nature Reserve, is extending their current facilities with 6 new mountain lodges. JWA conducted an Ecological Assessment on the proposed site. Vegetation recorded included both wet sclerophyll and rainforest with three threatened flora and two ROTAP species. Although the environmental impacts of the new lodges will be low, and major vegetation rehabilitation on the former banana plantation is ongoing, the mitigation measures outlined in our report, including weed control and plantings of local native species, will be undertaken.

Residential Development

Urliup Road, Bilambil, Northern NSW is a 52 Lot residential development proposed, by Plateau Nominees Pty Ltd, on a site previously used as a quarry. The site is highly disturbed and weed infested. The design of the residential layout is sensitive to the adjacent riparian zone of Bilambil Creek. JWA conducted an Ecological Assessment and prepared a Riparian Management Plan outlining strategies to restore the area to a pre-quarrying state. An extensive weed control strategy was developed to remove the dominating exotic camphor laurel and to replant the area with riparian rainforest species.  The plan also included the translocation of the threatened species, the Rough-leaved Queensland nut (Macadamia tetraphylla).

Cobaki Lakes Estate is a residential development, proposed by LEDA, on 593.5ha of land within the Tweed Shire in Northern NSW.  A variety of housing, a town centre, a private school, a childcare centre, JWA has been involved with the project since 1993 and has just completed an eight volume report comprised of an Ecological Assessment, Saltmarsh Rehabilitation Plan, Scribbly Gum Management Plan, Regeneration and Revegetation Plan, Fauna Management Plan, and Wetland Rehabilitation Plan.  JWA have completed a number of specialist reports dealing with old growth tree and tree hollow replacement strategies. JWA are currently locating offsets for freshwater wetlands and Swamp sclerophyll forest which is to be lost during the development process. 

Kings Forest is a residential development of almost 10,000 lots near Kingscliff, Northern NSW. Integral parts of the development are an 18-hole golf course and 266 hectares of open space. The concept plan, proposed by LEDA, has been approved by the Minister for Planning under Part 3A of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1997. After extensive ecological investigation, including a Species Impact Statement (SIS) prepared by JWA in 2000, the site was declared of ‘State Significance’ in 2006.  JWA recently completed an Assessment of Significance required under NSW State legislation (TSC Act 1995) on 6 flora and 25 fauna species recorded on the site. Five of these (i.e. 2 flora and 3 fauna) were also assessed under Commonwealth legislation (EPBC 1999).   We are currently completing Buffer, Threatened Species, and Weed Management Plans for Stage 1 of the development. Extensive negotiations have been carried out with the Commonwealth, NSW Planning and Tweed Shire Council in order to ensure that all conditions are compliant with each agencies approval.

Peregian Springs and Coolum Ridges are 2 large residential developments in South East Queensland. Forrester Kurts Properties Pty Ltd (FKP) engaged JWA to prepare a translocation plan for a portion of the population of the Endangered Emu-Mountain She-oak (Allocasuarina emuina) located within the Peregian Springs development site. A plan for long term site management was developed, including weed and fire management, and monitoring of translocated plants. FKP also commissioned JWA to prepare a report stating compliance of the conditions of three Commonwealth approvals for the Peregian Springs and adjacent Coolum Ridges development sites.

Court Proceedings
  • Leighton Properties (Brisbane) Pty Ltd -v- Noosa Shire Council & Ors, Planning and Environment Court Appeal No. 3651 of 2000, 21st June 2001 – Detailed assessment of flora issues on Lot 1 RP136508 and Lots 1 & 2 GTP103170, Bayview Road, Noosa Heads.
    A Development Application (DA) was lodged with Noosa Shire Council in October 1999 for Development Permits for a Material Change of Use and Reconfiguration of a Lot, and preliminary approval for building work on land described as Lot1 RP136508 and Lots 1 & 2 GTP103170, Bayview Road, Noosa Heads. The DA was refused by Noosa Shire Council and Leighton Properties appealed the decision in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court.
    James Warren was engaged by Leighton Properties (Brisbane) Pty Ltd to appear as an expert witness during the appeal in the Planning and Environment Court. James presented a detailed assessment of the flora issues relating to the subject site and the potential impacts. A Court Order approving the development was handed down on the 21st June 2001.

    Shannon Pacific Pty Ltd v Minister for Planning – [2007] NSWLEC 669. Shannon Pacific Pty Ltd lodged an appeal against the refusal by the NSW Minister for Planning of a development application to subdivide lot 4 DP1022342, New Entrance Road, South West Rocks.  Among the matters of contention in the appeal was the impact of the proposed Caravan Park, on a SEPP 14 wetlands situated to the east of the development area. James provided expert witness as to the current conservation status of the wetland and the impact of the development.

    Forrester Residential Developments P/L v Maroochy Shire Council & Anor, Planning and Environment Court Appeal No. 3649 of 2001, 7th May 2002 – Ecological Assessment of Peregian Springs development site being part of Lot 5002 SP133168 and Lots 2 & 3 SP125259, Peregian Springs.
    An application for preliminary approval of a reconfiguration of an area of land located at Peregian was lodged with Maroochy Shire Council. The application was refused and Forrester Residential Developments P/L appealed against the decision in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court in July of 2001.
    James Warren was engaged by Forrester Residential Developments P/L to appear as an expert witness. He presented a detailed ecological assessment of the subject area and addressed the issues in dispute, including the occurrence of significant flora and fauna species and the potential impacts on those species. A court order approving the development was delivered on the 7th May 2002.

    Titanium Enterprises –v- Caloundra City Council & Environmental Protection Agency, Planning and Environment Court Appeal (Maroochydore) No. D423 – 2005, 10th October 2006 – Lot 65 SP166661, Mahogany Drive, Caloundra.
    Titanium lodged an application with Caloundra City Council for preliminary and development approvals for a material change of use, and for a reconfiguration of lot Lot 65 on SP 166661, County of Canning, Parish of Bribie in September 2004. The Development Application (DA) was refused by Council and Titanium Enterprises appealed the decision in the Environment and Planning Court of Queensland.
    Titanium Enterprises engaged James Warren to appear as an expert witness during the appeal. A comprehensive report on the flora and fauna issues relating to the subject site was presented by James Warren. This report included an assessment of the environmental values of the land and outlined the potential impacts on those values as a result of the development.


JWA Pty Ltd have been providing ecological consulting services to the Queensland and New South Wales government and private sectors since 1997.  From 1994 to 1997 James Warren was Principle Ecologist with the international environmental consulting firm AGC Woodward Clyde. From 1993 to 1994 James was the wildlife  scientist with the Australian Koala Foundation. From 1992 to 1993 James worked as a consulting ecologist on the north coast of NSW and south-east Queensland. From 1990 to 1992 James was the senior environmental scientist with Newcrest – gold and sand mining). From 1987 to 1990 James the ecologist with Planners North Pty Ltd.

Technical Excellence

JWA places a strong emphasis on technical excellence. Our highly qualified team keep up-to-date with the relevant changes in Local, State and Commonwealth environmental legislation. We maintain membership in a number of professional institutes and societies, attend industry seminars and workshops and subscribe to various academic journals.


JWA is accredited through the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in accordance with ISO 9001. We are well equipped to deliver the specialised services required to interpret and comply with the current environmental impact assessment and planning systems.

JWA maintain accreditation with the NSW Department of Primary Industries Animal Ethics Committee

JWA also maintain accreditation with the Queensland.