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JWA Pty Ltd is a specialist consulting company providing expertise for a wide range of clients.

Specialist services include: Flora and Fauna Surveys, Ecological Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments, Species Impacts Statements, Commonwealth Biodiversity Offset Strategies, NSW Biobanking and Offset Assessments, NSW Biobanking Statements, Queensland Offset Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Flora and Fauna Management Plans, Threatened Species Management Plans, Vegetation Management Plans, Weed Management Plans, Site Rehabilitation Plans, Environmental Monitoring and Auditing Services, and Mining Rehabilitation Plans. We can also provide Expert Witness Reports and Statements of Evidence for court proceedings.

Our services are supported by a network of environmental professionals including: Hydrogeologists, Mining Engineers, Geotechnicians, Water and Soil Specialists, Noise and Air Quality Specialists, Mining and Infrastructure Engineers, Planners and Surveyors, Bush Regenerators and Academics.

If you have any comments, questions or require further clarification on the services we provide, please contact us

Flora, Fauna & Biodiversity Surveys

JWA Pty Ltd has extensive experience in the completion of flora and fauna surveys in a wide range of vegetation types and ecosystems.

For flora surveys we use:

  • the latest aerial photography to map community types,
  • stereoscopic photography,
  • ground truthing of existing vegetation maps,
  • random and quadrat surveys for flora species, and
  • targeted threatened species searches.

For fauna surveys we use:

  • opportunistic and systematic daytime surveys for mammals, birds and reptiles,
  • spotlighting and call playback for nocturnal birds and mammals,
  • targeted surveys for threatened fauna species,
  • spotlighting and auditory surveys for amphibians,
  • trapping for small mammals (both arboreal and terrestrial),
  • ANABAT (an electronic call-detecting device) to survey for Microchiropteran bats, and Pitfall surveys.
Impact Assessments

Impact assessment techniques involve:

  • mapping flora, significant plant communities and threatened plant species,
  • fauna surveys and habitat assessment. Identification of threatened fauna species or their likelihood of occurrence,
  • calculating the loss of vegetation (i.e. community types), threatened flora and fauna and their habitat,
  • consideration of direct and indirect impacts, and
  • consideration of Local, State and Commonwealth legislation.

JWA Pty Ltd provides advice on Commonwealth and State environmental and planning legislation including the:

  • Commonwealth Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999)
  • QLD Sustainable Planning Act (2009)
  • QLD Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation (2006)
  • QLD Vegetation Management Act (1999)
  • QLD Nature Conservation Act (1992)
  • NSW Native Vegetation Conservation Act (2003)
  • NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995)
  • NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act (1979)
  • NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPPs)

We undertake Assessments of Significance (7-part tests) and complete Species Impact Statements (TSC Act 1995), Koala Assessments (SEPP 44) and assessments for matters of National Environmental Significance (NES) (EPBC Act 1999) to accompany development applications. We understand the unique challenges development poses within the native environment, so we can provide advice on mitigating impacts in order to produce a sustainable outcome.

Environmental Management Plans

After collecting comprehensive data on the flora, fauna, vegetation and overall biodiversity of a site, JWA Pty Ltd can provide clients with an Environmental Management Plan. Such a plan, or series of plans, provides strategies for the:

  • rehabilitation and restoration of conserved native vegetation,
  • restoration of native vegetation and fauna habitat,
  • restoration of significant ecosystems,
  • management of threatened flora and fauna species,
  • control of weeds, and
  • control of feral animals.

We can provide advice for both the construction and operational phases of the project and develop monitoring and reporting strategies to ensure the overall objectives are reached and compliance with consent conditions is achieved. We can also provide a team of experts to implement our Environmental Management plans or those developed by others.

Mining Rehabilitation

JWA Pty Ltd has the experience and resources to provide our mining clients with the range of environmental services required, from the pre-operational, operational and closure stages of a project. We can provide:

  • baseline ecological surveys,
  • impact assessment,
  • mitigation strategies,
  • environmental policy and strategic advice,
  • environmental management plans including detailed rehabilitation plans and advice including species selection and rehabilitation techniques, and monitoring programs and reports to meet consent conditions and statutory requirements.
Biobanking / Offset Assessment

JWA Pty Ltd is skilled in negotiating biodiversity offsets, that is, positive actions to compensate for biodiversity loss arising from development. We have a proven track record of managing development while maintaining and restoring biodiversity. Firstly, we provide a constraint analysis for the development site to avoid impacts, then we work in conjunction with our clients to provide mitigating strategies and/or compensatory measures through offsetting, creating opportunities for private sector conservation land management.

Expert Witness

James Warren can provide expert testimony in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court and the NSW Land and Environment Court. James’s expertise includes the biology of threatened flora and fauna including significant ecosystems listed under both QLD and NSW environmental legislation. He has been involved in the assessment of flora and fauna communities across a broad spectrum of habitats including wetlands, coastal heaths, rainforests, dry sclerophyll forests and woodlands and wet sclerophyll forest ecosystems. James has extensive experience in the industry and the ability to provide insight by combining his knowledge of planning legislation with his ecological expertise.



JWA Pty Ltd have been providing ecological consulting services to the Queensland and New South Wales government and private sectors since 1997.  From 1994 to 1997 James Warren was Principle Ecologist with the international environmental consulting firm AGC Woodward Clyde. From 1993 to 1994 James was the wildlife  scientist with the Australian Koala Foundation. From 1992 to 1993 James worked as a consulting ecologist on the north coast of NSW and south-east Queensland. From 1990 to 1992 James was the senior environmental scientist with Newcrest – gold and sand mining). From 1987 to 1990 James the ecologist with Planners North Pty Ltd.

Technical Excellence


JWA places a strong emphasis on technical excellence. Our highly qualified team keep up-to-date with the relevant changes in Local, State and Commonwealth environmental legislation. We maintain membership in a number of professional institutes and societies, attend industry seminars and workshops and subscribe to various academic journals.


JWA is accredited through the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in accordance with ISO 9001. We are well equipped to deliver the specialised services required to interpret and comply with the current environmental impact assessment and planning systems.

JWA maintain accreditation with the NSW Department of Primary Industries Animal Ethics Committee


JWA also maintain accreditation with the Queensland.